SAM4s ER-265 EJ


The ER-265B is a basic cash register solution for a wide range of smaller retail environments. Basic yet very powerful with many features seen in higher end machines. Features a 15 department spill-resistant keyboard which is perfect for restaurants or bar applications, a full size metal cash drawer to handle years of use, a high speed low maintenance thermal printer to decrease transaction time and an RS232 communications port to interface with a PC or a remote printer. Although there is only one built-in printer, the cash register keeps an electronic journal which can be printed at the end of day.Flat, spill-resistant keyboard features 15 programmable departments with 18-character alpha descriptors.

  • Positive or negative preset departments are available to price and count fast moving items.
  • Departments may be designated ‘single item’ departments for fast registration of single item sales.
  • Price look up function (PLU) to automatically price and track sales for up to 1,000 items. Manages up to three tax tables. Department and PLUs can be programmed to apply any combination of taxes. If necessary, tax status can be shifted as items are entered, or at the completion of the sale.
  • Real time clock automatically prints the time, changes the date and generates a sales by hour report detailing the net sales and customer count for each hour of the day.
  • Provides an easy to read and understand review of your business with a complete analysis of your department sales, function totals and actual drawer totals. Period-to-date financial report provides a summary of daily reports for weekly, monthly or yearly analysis.