Retail – Cash Registers & POS

Sam4S ECR SPS 345
Choose a flat keyboard model for food service or a raised keyboard model for retail.

Sam4S ER 260 EJ
Compact low-cost electronic cash registers to meet the needs of many small businesses.

SAM4s ER-180
A compact low-cost commercial grade electronic cash register.

SAM4s ER-265 EJ
Basic yet very powerful with many features seen in higher end machines.

Sam4S ER-915
The traditional raised-key keyboard provides seven keyboard PLU keys.

SAM4s ER-925
Save time with simplified procedures that ensure accuracy at check-out time.

SAM4s ER-945
Raised keyboard models feature 21 standard PLU locations.

Sam4S NR 510R
The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 12 keyboard PLU keys.

Reflection POS®

Can be used in a variety of markets. From fine dining to pizzerias, bars to country clubs; all with the goal of providing you a reliable and efficient way to improve your bottom line.

Reflection POS® is built on solid-state technology and has a reliable embedded operation system. It is the most sophisticated POS network on the market and has been validated by an Independent Qualified Security Assessor to meet or exceed PCI card payment processing requirements.


  • Network up to 64 terminals. No longer is your business going to be overwhelmed by an underwhelming POS system. We have the capacity to get the job done.
  • Turn-key design that features a user-friendly interface. You focus on what your business needs instead of playing IT/software technician.
  • A self-healing network that offers a work around to provide a continuous flow of data, keeping your business running.