Credit Card Processing

We Redefine Credit Card Merchant Processing Service
We provide solutions in several types of different industries

  • Restaurants and POS System
  • Gas Stations with Pay-at-the-Pump
  • Grocery Stores & Supermarkets with EBT Food Stamps
  • Online with Gateway
  • Recurring Billing
  • Smart Cloud-Based POS

Any Business That Needs Credit Card Processing

All the merchant processing companies and banks all say they offer you the lowest rate and best service when you sign up for merchant processing service.  How many of you are satisfied with the service you signed up?  We find many merchants and business owners who find they’re paying too much with a lot of hidden fees and they can never get their sales person on the phone when they have questions or have problems with their service.  Many merchants unsatisfied with their processing companies switched to us and enjoyed not only fee savings but personalized support and service they never had with previous processors.

Insterstate has a dedicated team of professionals who build a personal relationship with each business owner.  We understand needs of each owner and his/her business and offer personalized and customized solution that fits the business best.  Are you tired of calling the 1-800 toll-free number and waiting for an hour or two to get to someone to help you?  With Interstate, you call your representative’s mobile phone and we provide help immediately!  We solve the problems for you so you can focus on running the business, growing it and succeeding!

Email at our Contact page or call us at 336-771-8997 for a free statement analysis.