Register Programming


We will design your keyboard and custom program the register based on your needs. Getting your new cash register pre-programmed will save you time and money. When checking out, select “Programming Option” and we will send you our register programming form.

What’s included with our basic programming:

  • Keyboard layout & button labels
  • Up to 85 Items included* (see below for details)
  • Up to 40 Departments
  • Up to 4 Discounts (depends on register model)
  • Up to 4 Tax Rates (depends on register model)
  • Text Receipt Header/Footer (depends on register model)
  • Optional graphic logo $25.00 (depends on register model)
  • Peripheral setup (scanner, scale, pole display, etc)

*If you have more than 85 items that need to be programmed, each additional item is $1. Please note: For registers that are programmed with size modifiers (Small, Medium, Large, etc) each size is considered one PLU, so if you have 50 different items with 3 sizes this is considered 150 PLUs. If you have any questions on our programming service please give us a call.

To keep our programming prices low we program on a first come first serve basis, please allow up to 5 business days for programming before your register ships.